Our Mission

To guide our viewers via an increasingly complex digital universe by humanizing technology and filtering out the sound.

About Swan iTech

Swan iTech, the biggest independent technology market on earth, is the award-winning multimedia brand that guides customers to the best goods and solutions available now — and finds the creations that will shape their lives everywhere. With over 5K social followers and a site that reaches 30K globally, the brand succeeds with over a hundred million individuals a month.

We cover technology for the manner in which you live: not only gadgets but the powers that they unlock on your own life, the narrative of the men and women who made them and the way that they’re reshaping the entire world outside of your window. Swan iTech filters the torrent of apparatus and invention that surround us through an individual lens which elevates experience over specs, hype, and marketing. The rapid rate of change produces a conversation that is always engaging, enjoyable, and hard. You do not have enough time to develop into a specialist. But we will allow you to truly feel like you.