Swan Icare is, at heart, a research firm. Every guide or report we write which includes reviews of software products follows a particular research methodology. We are a nonprofit that places technology at the core of our mission. We help you make intelligent technology decisions so you’re ready to do your very best work on a restricted budget.

We maintain a record of products and reach out to vendors for certain products. If you would like us to add your product to our database.

To do this work you probably need plenty of technology tools–computers, email, calendaring, file storage, a part database, communications programs, and a whole lot more.

But odds are your passions do not include technology. Our software articles are brief round-ups meant to give nonprofits an summary of some of the significant software products in a special space.

They’re not designed to be comprehensive, but rather to outline a little set of recognized options as a starting point. These articles are generally researched and written by a Swan Icare staff member, but sometimes we will hire a builder –typically a technology consultant that specializes in nonprofit software choice.

No writer could possibly have paid ties to a seller or focus in implementing a specific software package. However, writers will often have more personal experience with a few products in the content than others–for example, they may personally use, or have implemented, a few of these

The only alternative is to employ investigators with no software or nonprofit experience, leading to articles that wouldn’t be well-tied into the realities of nonprofit technology. We have defined a procedure, outlined below, to minimize any possible biases this could produce.

Methodology tends to change a little from report to report, based on the precise aims of the study, so it is well worth consulting the methodology section in the report. But, we do have an overall procedure that we use as a baseline for many of our detailed comparative reports.