5 Technology Innovations That Make Working Together Possible

Telecommute is quickly becoming a buzzword nowadays. The routine 8-5 office tasks are quickly becoming a thing of the past as the work environment, job descriptions, and ways of doing work are evolving. People who operate nowadays are no longer restricted to physical offices since technological innovations have enabled the occurrence we currently call telecommuting — that means, in the simplest terms, working remotely.

Of course, there are particular things we have that make telecommuting possible, and if it were not for all these innovations, we would still be stuck in the caveman days of the job. Below are some of the technological innovations of recent history which make collaboration possible.

– The Internet: Of course the Internet. This particular innovation was recently named the very best innovation in the previous 30 years, and for good reason. The Internet has made possible so many things that we find ourselves in a situation of becoming almost debilitated when we locate ourselves disconnected. Being connected through the Internet has given us access to a vast storehouse of knowledge, and it has allowed us to share our personal understanding, also. It has certainly made a giant leap ahead for the proponents of globalization since through it, the entire world certainly became a much smaller place now that everyone everywhere is linked.

– Laptops, tablet computers, and mobile devices: More and more people are choosing to take their job together, rather than just be stuck using a hefty desktop computer. When some still prefer working on a fantastic old trusty desktop computer, freedom is now becoming an important issue for many as they wish to be free to pursue their own activities in their own time without having to undermine their work at the process. And since laptops are now getting milder, carrying your job with you where you go is not as difficult as it used to be. Along with the release of this tablet along with other similar mobile devices, more and more working men and women are deciding to go mobile since it gives them more flexibility.

– Mail: Where could we all be without email? By simply clicking on the Send button, you get your message delivered directly off to anyone anywhere (well, so long as they have Internet access, that is). Before email came into the film, we needed to rely on snail mail (those born and raised in the digital age are probably scratching their heads today and inquiring, “What?”), express mail, LBC/ / FedEx/ and other similar courier providers to have our messages delivered. We then had to wait days (sometimes weeks) for the much-awaited response. Can you imagine doing business like this today?

– Webinars/ / Video Conferencing: Attending seminars, seminars, and other similar activities previously used to cost a fortune, so businesses would most likely select a couple of delegates only and then spend for transport, seminar fees, etc. Now, however, as a result of webinars, anyone interested can combine, at much less cost. Employers no longer need to send their employees out since they could attend webinars right at work, or perhaps within their own homes, and the cost is much less than heading to real location seminars. The studying and take-home experience is still pretty much the same, but it isn’t as much of a hassle since it was.

The same concept applies to video conferencing. It used to be hard to gather group members or members (particularly in multinationals where some members are in different nations ) found in various provinces/countries, and it had been even harder to coordinate communication. But now, thanks to video conferencing, virtual meetings can be set up without needing to be concerned about the logistics of having to get everyone to the workplace.

– Cloud Computing Technology: File cabinets? Boxes and boxes of documents? Directories filled with business contacts? Sounds like any other typical office. The problem with files like this, however, is they run the chance of getting destroyed — whether natural disasters, mishaps, or some other injury, physical documents are in danger of being lost, stolen, or destroyed. Now imagine if you can put all of that pertinent data in 1 place where you know that it can’t be harmed at all. That is what cloud computing does for you — it permits you to save all you want all up there at the cloud, and as long as you have access to the Internet, then you can access your files, too. Any changes made to documents found in the cloud will be automatically synced, so saving you the trouble of having to go through numerous files and performing a manual update. If anyone from the team creates some edits on this presentation, you do not need to worry anymore about updating your copy, because it’s already there.

These are just some of the inventions that have revolutionized how we see work. These technologies have certainly brought people together and made collaboration not only possible but a normal way of life. Because of these technological innovations, working together has come to be so much simpler, and work has certainly taken to a brand new perspective.

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